Virtual Data Center – ANS

Silicon Sky’s Advanced Network Security (ANS) VDC is for tenants who require additional network security services.

Port filter East West traffic

Distributed Layer 4 firewall

Next Gen Shared Firewall Service

Blazing fast

Powerful Intel Gold and Platinum CPUs

All Flash performance storage

Scalable CPU, RAM and storage

Unlimited Internet traffic

Self-service management

24/7 monitoring support

The complete IaaS solution

Silicon Sky’s advanced network security (ANS) VDC includes 3 levels of network security. The shared firewall service provides next generation firewall services including UTM/IPS as Level 1. Level 2 includes VMWare’s NSX Edge Gateway with port filtering and firewall policies based on your network security requirements. Level 3 includes VMware’s NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW). DFW is a software-defined firewall purpose-built to secure lateral (east west) traffic across virtualized workloads within your VDC.

The DFW provides stateful firewalling as software. Unlike traditional firewalls that require network redesign and traffic hair-pinning, the NSX DFW distributes the firewalling across underlying infrastructure. This allows security teams to easily segment the network and stop the lateral (east west) movement of traffic. This means VM’s on the same network segment can be segregated with port filtering enabled. Layer 2 to Layer 4 firewall services are available on the same network segment. All of this is available and integrated into the self service VDC portal with the features of the standard VDC service.

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