Silicon Sky provides a number of security services to ensure that your services hosted with us are protected. There are a number of security services to choose from depending on your security requirements:

Shared Firewall

Included by default as a managed service for secure access to IaaS services. Covers basic requirements and includes 1 DMZ, 5 IPSEC tunnels and 20 VPN clients.

Virtual Firewall Appliance

Used for more advanced network and security requirements than the shared firewall service such as dedicated internet access and multiple DMZs.

Dedicated Firewall

Next Generation Firewall
appliances for hardware-based firewall performance and complex security requirements.

Web Application Firewall

Application level (Layer 7) security for web and application servers.

Firewall Logging

Firewall event correlation and reporting for compliance.

Network Private Access

Next-generation zero trust remote access technology.

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