Silicon Sky introduces Self Service Backups

Silicon has introduced Veeam Self Service Backups for its Virtual Data Center service. The service includes Veeam’s Self Service Portal that provides the ability to manage and monitor Veeam backups of virtual servers hosted in virtual data centers.

Virtual servers within virtual data centers can be selected for backup or specifically excluded from backups jobs. Multiple backups jobs can be created based on customised data protection policies. The backup frequency and retention period can be set per backup job. All is customisable per backup job. Backup disk storage is provided on a cost per GB basis and can be scaled up or down as and when needed.

The service continues to leverage Veeam’s advanced compression and de-duplication technology to ensure optional storage consumption. Entire VMs or individual files and folders can be restored within the virtual data centers.

The service allows IT administrators to take full control, monitor, manage, customise backups and perform restores to a granular level within Silicon Sky’s Cloud Infrastructure.

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